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The Bucket List

how it works

If you're getting married in any of the following locations, you may qualify for a discount on your destination wedding (or portrait session)! Getting married in one of these locations alone does not qualify you for a discount. Specific details like venue/location, vendors, and important wedding day details will be important factors on whether or not you qualify. Shoot me an email to ask me if your wedding qualifies and how to save, or how to save on your portrait session in one of these locations.

1. Charleston, South Carolina           11. San Francisco, California

2. Yosemite National Park                                  12. Paris, France

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy                                    13. Dublin, Ireland

4. Napa or Sonoma Valley, California        14. Zion National Park

5. Santorini, Greece                                     15. Lisbon, Portugal

6. New York City, New York                 16. Maui or Oahu, Hawaii

7. Bar Harbor, Maine                       17. Nantucket, Massachusetts

8. Lake Como, Italy                                    18. Provence, France

9. Joshua Tree National Park                        19. Sedona, Arizona

10. White Sands, New Mexico          20.  Palm Springs, California