• Katie Martin

You might want to read this first...

Hey there, & welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and see some of my work. I previously had a blog that I had abandoned during busy season (like, two years ago) and never got back to. As it's a new season full of change, I've completely redone my entire blog! Meaning, I'm slowly blogging as much as I can from the past and present in a much more organized fashion, and just completely deleted the old blog. I'm really working on trying not to hate blogging, because it's definitely been a friend-emy of mine over the years. SO if you're popping in here to only see like, 3 blog posts, it's not for lack of content as much as it is lack of motivation to blog. I'm working on it guys. I really am. Only more than the last couple of times I said I'd work on it. PROMISE.

Please be patient as I catch up on posting loads of weddings and photo sessions of cute families, couples, babies, and more! There's so much to do and now that wedding season is over, I can finally get to sharing all of these stunning shoots & events I've been privileged to be apart of.

Until then, if you're inquiring about a session or wedding and want to see full galleries of anything, please feel free to contact me directly and ask! I'm more than happy to share full galleries whenever.

Thanks so much guys! Can't wait to share more :)